Church Membership Management

Planning Center People On Desktop and Mobile Devices

Planning Center People

contact data, membership info, and everything you need to know about your people with confidence


Each person has a page where you can store contact data, personal information, membership details, and more. Add pictures and social profiles or import them automatically using email addresses.


Quickly see other people in the same household from any person's page. Edit Households, add people to multiple households, or update home phone numbers and addresses for the entire household at once.


Workflows helps you lead the people in your church so that nobody falls through the cracks. Workflows can be used to follow up with first time visitors, manage your membership process, or integrate new volunteers.

It's Completely Free

People is a completely free app. You don’t have to use any of our other apps and there is no cost to you or any members of your team. You can sign up for People for free by checking out our plans and pricing page and selecting the People app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact my congregation through the app?

Yes! We integrate with Mailchimp for sending bulk emails. You can also export a CSV file in order to import the contact information for your congregation into any other tool you like to use.

Is there an app on the app store?

Yes! Apps are available for both Android and iOS!

Should I have separate accounts for different campuses?

If your campuses are separate locations that need to share information, it’s usually best to keep them part of one account. If your campuses run independently of each other, setting up multiple accounts should work best.

Does my entire staff have to be admins to access and view people?

Nope! People has different permission levels that you can assign to any individual. More details about how permissions work are available in our documentation.

Can people edit their own profile?

Not yet, however we know how important this feature is and we’re considering different solutions for future improvements.

Can I use People as a Church Directory?

People is intended to be used by church leaders to keep track of the most important information about the people in their church. It is not a directory for people in the congregation to use, but we’re considering putting this on our list of future improvements.