Love your church management software.

Growing churches face new challenges. Chances are, we have an app built specifically for the task at hand.

People work best when they work together. Our apps do too! Here's how we can help your specific ministry.

Real stories, from real Planning Center customers

"Services... takes the thinking and stress out of planning."

- Shana

"Check-Ins... makes us look like we feel, because we value people."

- Melanie

"Registrations opens up the door to a lot more people to sign up for things quickly."

- Jeff

"Our church has completely changed the way we manage our donations..."

- Mark

"The People app is the centerpiece to a healthy church."

- Matt

"Resources has been able to help us more efficiently manage the things that we have."

- Bradley

"Groups... lets us know that people are getting more involved, and they're connecting."

- Justin

"Planning Center Services... was a gamechanger for our worship ministry."

- Curtis

Apps Designed With You in Mind

With task-focused apps, each leader can learn less and accomplish more.

Need one, two or all Planning Center apps? No problem.

Our products can be mixed and matched to meet your unique needs. Just click an icon to learn more or sign up. If you need additional apps later, add them at any time and still get a 30-day trial.

No matter how many of our apps you use, you get Planning Center People for free. It’s the membership database at the heart of all Planning Center apps. In fact, you get it free even without using other apps!

What you should know about Planning Center

At Planning Center, we're passionate about designing great web-based software that's affordable and fun to use on any device. You can easily determine your monthly cost from our pricing page. Take a look at our blog to see our frequent updates, our support site for documentation and videos, or our About page to get to know us a little better.