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Putting together a worship service shouldn’t feel like a circus. If you're juggling music prep, volunteer scheduling, or service planning, Planning Center has apps made just for you.

Planning Center Services

Services rehearsal on the go

Plan your music sets with ease

There are a lot of worship songs out there! Planning Center Services helps you organize the songs you use, so you can easily find all your fast worship choruses in G that you haven’t done in 3 months. Plus it transposes chord charts and even audio files so your teams can rehearse in the right key.

Planning Center Services

Services rehearsal on the go

Get Your Musicians to Rehearse

With Planning Center Services, your team can access any file they need for rehearsing. Use the media player from our mobile apps to listen to music in the car and print chord charts from a computer. Or use the add-on Planning Center Music Stand app on tablets to turn pages with a foot pedal and take notes.

Planning Center Services

Simplify team scheduling

If you have a bigger team, assembling your volunteer roster can be complicated. Planning Center Services makes scheduling your band, vocals, tech, or any other team simple. View your list of guitarists, choose one with no scheduling conflicts, and email or text them a scheduling request.

Planning Center Services

Be available 24/7, even when you’re not

Why does your phone always ring on your way home from church or during dinner? Planning Center Services is there for your team even when you can’t be. It can block out dates, accept or decline scheduling requests, check call times, and access files any time; the internet doesn’t even blink!

Planning Center Services

Collaborate seamlessly without even trying

Whether you’re on staff or help plan services in your spare time, other members of your team need to be in the know. With Planning Center Services, there’s always one place anyone can go to get the latest information. Multiple people can plan or schedule simultaneously, and it updates live for everyone else.

Planning Center Check-Ins

Keep attendance records for your choir

Even if your choir members confirm, somehow they don’t always show up. Use Planning Center Services to schedule them and get them their music, and then use Planning Center Check-Ins on a kiosk to check them in for rehearsal and services. Use attendance reports to see who’s often missing, so you can follow up.

Planning Center People

Care for your team members

Organization and planning are only parts of leading a great team. Planning Center People helps you give the personal touch. See who’s a member, if they’ve been baptised, what events they’ve registered for or checked into, or any custom data you set up. Powerful filtering helps you find people and track all communications with them.


for Worship Departments

  1. Planning Center Services - Our most popular app. Schedule your teams, manage your music, and revolutionize the way you plan your worship services
  2. Planning Center Music Stand - An add-on to Planning Center Services, this iPad & Android music reader loads your setlists so you can turn pages with a foot pedal & take notes
  3. Planning Center Check-Ins - If you need to take attendance for rehearsals or services, use any mobile device or computer as a check-in station.
  4. Planning Center People - The hub that connects all Planning Center apps together. Contact info, communications, and church activity in one place. Oh yeah, and it’s 100% free!


Each app is priced a little differently. You can sign up for as many or as few as you need. There are no setup fees, no contracts, and you can cancel any time. After your 30-day trial, the combined total is billed to your church monthly.

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