News & Updates

Smarter, Faster Lists
May 25, 2017

We've got a couple quick updates to lists to make your life easier!

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Introducing Headcounts for Android and iOS
May 24, 2017

Our Headcounts feature in Planning Center Check-Ins has been used by thousands of churches to record any type of attendance without tracking specific individuals. Until now, you’ve only been able to add and edit Headcounts from the Admin side of Check-Ins on the web. Today, we’re excited to announce a Headcounts app for Android and iOS with a few experiences built specifically for your church.

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Grade & Age Range Assignment Filters

Planning Center Registrations

May 2, 2017

You've long been able to create assignment filters connected to a specific grade — we have heard your suggestions, and we are happy to announce that you can now assign registrants by grade or age range.

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Recurring Donation Forecasts

Planning Center Giving

May 1, 2017

Planning Center Giving will now calculate some basic forecasting numbers based on your active recurring donations. The forecast can also be broken down by fund. Your list of recurring donors is now printable and exportable by CSV.

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New Household Scheduling Preferences

Planning Center Services

Apr 27, 2017

Each person can have a preference for if they want (or don't want) to be scheduled when other members of their family are scheduled, because family matters. In the past this only worked within the exact same service. Now there are new options to look at any service happening at the same time.

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Easter Weekend at Planning Center
Apr 24, 2017

At Planning Center we want to make sure Easter weekend goes as smoothly as possible. We intentionally don’t push any new code for the weeks leading up to Easter, our Operations team is up and ready to react to anything out of the ordinary, and we over-prepare our servers to handle any potential unexpected loads. Here’s a recap of some fun facts that happened over Easter Weekend.

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Introducing Trusted People
Mar 29, 2017

Sometimes there are situations where you’d like your neighbor, or grandmother, or a close friend to pick up your children from church. However, as a church, you need to clearly record who can check children in, and be notified of who should not check them out. That’s why we’ve created the concept of Trusted People and people who are Not Authorized for Pickup. Let me show you what that looks like.

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Secure Your Church with Background Checks
Mar 16, 2017

Here at Planning Center, we do what we do because we love our churches. We want to see them saving time, saving money, and being more secure. Today’s new feature wins in all those categories. We're thrilled to release integrated background checks with our new friends, Checkr!

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Pinned Assignments in Workflows
Mar 7, 2017

A couple of new tools in workflows are going to make your life easier, the sun shine brighter, and prevent hair loss. More importantly, they'll help your ministry be more effective.

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Email Formatting in Groups

Planning Center Groups

Feb 28, 2017

Today we released a rich-text editor in Planning Center Groups! It's available to administrators on the admin side of Groups and group leaders on the Group pages.

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