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Registrations Event Page Organization

Planning Center Registrations

Jan 3, 2018

Registrations administrators can now organize your events so church attendees and visitors can quickly and easily find events relevant to them at the campus they attend when navigating your church’s public events page.

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2017 at Planning Center

Planning Center

Dec 22, 2017

This year 3,738 new churches subscribed to Planning Center applications, and the number of churches using our free People app more than doubled from 2,400 in December 2016 to 4,950 this month.

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Retreat Week 2017

Planning Center

Dec 6, 2017

Four times a year, Planning Center's remote employees descend on our Carlsbad office for a week, to collaborate and connect. One of those weeks is called Retreat Week — an extra-special remote week where we celebrate the year's accomplishments and look forward to the year ahead.

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Adding Plans Supersized

Planning Center Services

Nov 27, 2017

Adding new plans is one of the most important parts of Planning Center Services. The new Add Plans popup brings additional options for which times and templates should be added, making it easier to add your normal plans and special event plans like Christmas and Easter.

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Fall Product Update 2017
Nov 22, 2017

To catch up on all of the biggest and newest features from the last few months, check out our Fall Product Update video!

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Introducing the API Explorer
Nov 14, 2017

This week, Planning Center released something very near and dear to my heart: the Planning Center API Explorer!

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Handling Special Cases & Event Notes
Nov 8, 2017

Within the last week we released two highly requested features to Check-Ins: an option to ignore age and grade filters and the ability to create notes on each of your events.

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Embeddable Giving Form

Planning Center Giving

Nov 2, 2017

You put a lot of time and effort into your church website. So, it's a bummer to send visitors somewhere else when comes to giving. No more! With this new feature, you can put the entire donor experience right on your own website.

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Expected Response Times in Workflows
Nov 2, 2017

You are busy, your team is busy, and sometimes even in the most organized of Workflows, tasks can still be overlooked. Today we released Expected Response Times, a new Workflows feature designed to help you communicate to assignees when you expect specific tasks completed.

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Group Filters for People Lists

Planning Center Groups

Nov 1, 2017

We've added bunch of powerful new Group filters for your lists in Planning Center People. Create new rules based on group membership, attendance, join dates, and application dates. These lists, like all People lists, can be attached to Workflows, Actions, and Automations. An entirely new class of Groups functionality has just opened up.

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