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We understand the Ministry. Planning Center was birthed at our local church and most of our team have worked at a church in some capacity. We know what it’s like to schedule volunteers, plan events and reserve rooms. We are committed to continue to make products to support you in your ministry so you can focus on what is most important. What we do, we do for churches, and we love it.

We are often asked if we would like to expand into other markets such as schools, theaters, or hotels. Anyone is welcome to use our products and would undoubtedly love the experience, but our focus is churches and will remain that way.

Great products don't just exist, they are crafted by people. Over the last 9 years we have spent a lot of time and effort to assemble a team of talented and passionate people to create and support the growing family of Planning Center apps.

  • Aaron S.

    Co-Founder &
    Product Manager

  • Allie R.

    Product Manager

  • Benson L.

    Product Manager

  • Cassie B.

    Office Manager

  • Daniel M.

    Product Manager

  • Emily J.

    Marketing & Communications

  • Evan L.

    Product Manager

  • Jeff B.

    Owner &
    Lead Developer

  • Jeff S.

    General Manager

  • Jessica F.

    Product Manager

  • Jeremy R.

    Product Manager

  • Sarah T.

    Office Manager

  • Scott M.

    Product Manager

  • Angela C.

  • Danny D.

  • Dustin S.

  • Jesse A.

  • Jon S.

  • Josh W.

  • Michael C.

  • Shane A.

  • Travis A.

  • William D.

  • Aaron W.

  • Ben M.

  • Brian W.

  • Christopher M.

  • Dan O.

  • Daniel M.

  • David O.

  • David T.

  • Erik B.

  • Erik P.

  • Gabi J.

  • Geo L.

  • Greg L.

  • Jacob B.

  • James M.

  • John R.

  • Justin B.

  • Katie R.

  • Kayla H.

  • Kevin T.

  • Kyle M.

  • Maddie S.

  • Mark R.

  • Mo L.

  • Nick S.

  • Peter F.

  • Robbie L.

  • Shane B.

  • Tanner M.

  • Taylor O.

  • Tim M.

  • Tyler B.

  • Wassim M.

  • Zack H.


78% of our customers find us through word of mouth.

100% of our focus is building great products.

  • Alan H.

  • Ashley C.

  • Beth M.

  • Brandon B.

  • Brendon M.

  • Caleb A.

  • Channelle C.

  • Clayton R.

  • Danna S.

  • Garrett H.

  • Jesse C.

  • Jessica L.

  • Laurie D.

  • Lindsey A.

  • Lisa K.

  • Luc H.

  • Matthew G.

  • Matt S.

  • Nick K.

  • Nicole M.

  • Raquel C.

  • Reagan H.

  • Sandi K.

  • Steve M.

  • Steve W.

We Love Our


Our team believes that software should sell itself, so we employ no sales people. Instead, we have a great group of support agents who are here to help churches use our apps in the best way possible by answering questions quickly (usually within 30 minutes). We also make it super simple for anyone to instantly try out our apps for themselves, learn about them using our documentation and videos, or determine exact pricing using our cost calculator, all without requiring an appointment or sales pitch.

We want each of our apps to be the absolute best solution for our customers. In fact, you can see how we constantly improve our apps by taking a look at our blog, or our Facebook and Twitter pages. We love using our software in our own churches and we know you will too! We don’t compete with feature comparison charts or by locking customers into expensive contracts, instead we spend that energy on building tools that people love to use.

We Are

Not For Sale

Since our inception we have remained debt free and investor free, and we intend to stay that way. We have a story to tell, churches to serve, and a mission to fill. As a result we are focused on delivering the best product that we can to the churches that we serve. So much so, that we don’t even take meetings with potential acquirers or investors.

We have absolutely loved bringing Planning Center to this point and are looking forward to many years ahead. Getting to partner with churches to help them grow their ministry has been such a privilege, and we’re committed to continue making revolutionary applications for churches.